CBD Lube-50ml


CBD Lube is a combination of organic coconut oil and full extract cannabis oil (FECO) that may help with reducing pain and anxiety during sex and increase arousal and intensifying orgasms. – 50ml


CBD Lube from laki Health for sexual pleasure includes organic coconut and FECO oil.

When used properly, lube increases the intimacy you can experience with your partner, while reducing friction. Cannabis lube helps to increase blood flow which heightens arousal, relaxes muscles which in turn helps to reduce pain for the ladies.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut oil, FECO oil

Directions: Apply lubricant 10 minutes before intercourse. Put the bottle in warm water to liquefy, pour 3-5ml into the palm of the hand, and apply to the virgina area for women and the shaft and head tip for men.


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