CBD Sleep Oil (1200mg) – BIOTECHNOLOGIES

1200mg CBD Hemp Oil
600 drops per bottle
2mg of CBD per drop
4% CBD per bottle

CBD Sleep Oil (1200mg) – BIOTECHNOLOGIES

CBD Sleep Oil (1200mg) – Getting a full eight or nine hours of sleep is critical for maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. Poor sleep can affect many different aspects of our health.

Alternatively, you could add a drop of Biotech’s Sleep Oil under your tongue and you can drift off back to your peaceful slumber in no less than half an hour!

Bonus, you won’t wake up feeling like you have a hangover.

Biotech’s best-selling sublingual Sleep CBD Oil has the potential to provide instant relief from stress and sleeplessness.

Our Sleep Oil is a specialized formulation containing a non-psychoactive component found in Sativa L plants.

Blended with a specialized blend of sedative terpenes, which enhances the relaxing and sedative effect on the body and mind.

CBD Sleep Oil is also available in 600mg -15ml


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